Ash Technical Services Partnership

We Honor the ImpactSM of Life Insurance

The decision to acquire life insurance is an emotional one. It’s difficult to think about our own mortality and what that could mean to the people we love in our life, the business we pour our heart and soul into or the community we impact when we give back. And, once we do make up our mind to acquire life insurance, the process is a very personal one that requires us to disclose the private side of our life to another human being: our health, habits, hobbies, vocation and financial information.

Ash Technical Services Honors the Impact life insurance planning can have on the lives of the people we care for; we honor the privacy and the personal nature of the process. We are a professional life insurance acquisition service that specializes in the implementation of life insurance policies. As your professional, technical partner, we take the application, coordinate all the necessary medical requirements and complete all forms for you.

Our Guiding Principals

Providing you with world-class service

  • Advisor-Centric Collaboration

    We partner and work closely with a family's team of advisors, such as attorneys and CPAs, to implement the plans they have designed
  • Privacy

    We are committed to protecting every detail discussed, so you don't have to disclose information to your friends in the community
  • Objectivity

    We negotiate on behalf of the insured and their beneficiary(ies) to ensure the most appropriate product and the best possible price is secured
  • Anonymity

    Our experienced team of technicians is sensitive, caring and professional; they treat the customer with the care and respect they deserve
  • Ongoing Management

    Our process includes ongoing monitoring and management of the life insurance policy
  • Relationships

    Our level of professionalism and competence enables us to interact with you in a way that maintains and positively influences reputations

A Culture of Caring

As your valued partner, we make the medical and financial underwriting process simple and easy to understand. Whether personal or business planning, we know the marketplace and bring this expertise directly to you. Working alongside your financial professionals, we will tailor the finest insurance plan, specific to your needs and goals.

The Ash Technical Services team is staffed with seasoned professionals who take the position "what if this was for my family?" when they are working with an insured. It is personal to the team and to Ash Brokerage as an organization. All this administrative support allows you to remain focused on what you do best – cultivate client relationships – resulting in increased productivity and ultimately a better business.